Welcome to The Home of Holla-Black, LLC.

Our Focus is to Positively Help in The Redevelopment of Our Youth & Community, Locally, Nationally as Well as Worldwide.


Helping to Positively Redevelop Our Communities Worldwide.

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Sweet Peach Limo Corporation

Holla-Black, LLC.

Overview of Sweet Peach Limo Corporation - Created in 2016


Welcome to the home of Holla-Black, LLC.

Holla-Black, LLC., is the Corporation and Head Offices for its D.B.A. Collaborative Consultants & Services A.K.A. CCS-Solutions.  Holla-Black, LLC. was originally created to help in the positive redevelopment of our youth and community as a whole, both locally, domestically as well as worldwide.  Our plan of approach is to start by emphasizing the importance of the gift each one of us have, and that is "Talent".  Each and everyone of us is born naturally with a Talent and/or Skill...Some are at times hidden and yet to be discovered by ourselves.  Not to worry, we are here to help and will help you along the way to discover.

Secondly and just as urgent is to help others build their individual presence via the world-wide web, by designing, creating and building their very own website, market it, maintain it and network within your community + neighboring communities.  In other words, we would like for you to spend some time alone, use creative thinking and change your way you normally do things (...think outside the pandora's box), network with like-minded individuals + learn directly from those trying to inspire themselves and others.  As you can tell by now, I have probably spent time crafting my talents/skills for years, building on the trades I have learned and acquired + retention and/or continued education (...keeping your current skills sharpened with practice and refreshment courses).