About Us

Who Are We?

Holla-Black, LLC., is a centralized networking location for those of African (Afro) decent.  Our intermediate goal is to network among those within our community (locally, nationally and worldwide), in order to teach, improve, redevelop, enhance, mentor, create, design, establish, protect and market to one another.  Our immediate goal is to help in the redevelopment of our youth and community as a whole.  Our long-term goal is to create more and more viable ways to link each independent Moors businesses/establishments and ease of their location(s).

When Were We Established?

Holla-Black, LLC., D.B.A. Collaborative Consultants & Services was created on March 14, 2008, in the State of Minnesota.  In the beginning we originated as a clothing establishment, but later fore-seen the need to network while helping to create more and more "Independent Owners".  While learning to create and design websites (ftp uploads and/or templates) since 2008, it has opened up many other avenues to help others.  Our goal is simple; to help those who are willing to help themselves...that's it, that's all we ask.  If you are willing, then we will show you how you are able to tap into some creative thinking in order to make things happen.

Helping in the redevelopment of our Youth and Community worldwide.
Helping to create more and more "Independent Owners" one person at a time.