Blue Flower

A Central Network for People of Color (melanated people)

Welcome to the home of HOLLA-BLACK, LLC.

A Central Location for Melanated People can network, learn and build bigger and better communities, by collaborating with one another to a stronger and sustainable economical base.

Holla-Black, LLC.

D.B.A. Collaborative Consultants & Services

Holla-Black is the Head - The Corporation that collaborate with independent, black-owned establishments (melanated people).

Collaborative Consultants & Services is the side of the business that help create the following:

  • CCS-Solutions
  • Right-And-Wrong Exposure
  • Keeping-It-Real Online
  • Fashion By Design
  • UMadHuh
  • CCS-Security Pros

Here at Holla-Black, LLC., our immediate goal is to locate or create business owners, individual artists, professionals in order to network together, both locally, nationally and worldwide.  Our long term focus is to help in the redevelopment of our youth, elders and community as a whole.  Learn more about us on our "About Us" page, but for now...enjoy the video below and remember to leave your feed back (on the video or our website thus far).  Thanks again for reading and watching.