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As a Newly formed, Private Security Firm (CCS-Security Firm) of Holla-Black, LLC., A.K.A. CCS-Solutions, specializes in the following types of industries;

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*****Available For The Following Terms: Contractual - Seasonal - Interim - Casual Staff - Outsourcing and Freelance or Temp Assignments.  Our F.E.I.N. - 11-3838321

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Pros and Cons

  • Easy hire: Those meeting technical requirements for the type of work are often virtually guaranteed a job without a selection process. In this sense, it could be argued that it would be easier to find work as a temporary worker. Also, in some cases, agencies will hire temporary workers without submission of a résumé or an interview.
  • Potential for flexible hours
  • There is an opportunity to gain experience—companies are all unique, so the temporary worker will be exposed to a plethora of different situations and office procedures.
  • There are companies that do not hire internally and use these staffing services only. They are a good gateway to get employment with a certain company.
  • Try Before You Buy-Temporary staff allowing a business to 'TRY' a worker as part of their team and to confirm that they are the perfect fit before taking them on board long-term, if needed.
  • Temporary work can be extremely lucrative for those in less wealthy countries.


Workers, scholars, union organisers and activists have identified many cons associated with temporary work, and more recently the gig economy. These include:

  • Lack of control over working hours and the potential for immediate termination for refusing an assigned schedule.
  • Positions often are with high turnover rates. Research suggests that plants choose temporary workers over permanent ones when they expect output to fall, which allows them to avoid costs associated with laying off permanent employees
  • Lack of reference as many employers of experienced job positions do not consider work done for a temporary agency as sufficient on a résumé.
  • In the United States, the gradual replacement of workers by temporary workers resulted in millions of workers being employed in low-paid temporary jobs.
  • In the US, the hourly wage paid to a temporary worker is 75% to 80% of what direct-hire employees are paid. Additionally, they often receive few or no employment benefits, such as health insurance, and seldom become full-time employees from their temporary positions.
  • Unlike temporary workers hired through a staffing agency, many people in the gig economy don't report their income to the IRS, resulting in an estimated $214.6 billion in the United States alone of unreported income. This can result in fines or jail time.
  • In South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, temporary workers often suffer from overworking.
  • The temporary workforce can become oversaturated, leading to other issues such as wage deflation.
  • When a company hires internationally, there is no legal precedent for using the laws of either the hiring company's country of origin or the temporary worker's country of origin.

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